​The PowerKube system is available in two configurations.

Both include the PowerKube and a dedicated tablet running our custom software so that you can measure and analyse your performance. Use your data to make improvements to your technique.

If you’re a coach, trainer or in charge of a team, you can use PowerKube to do the same thing for the performance of clients, students or your personnel.



​The difference between your two options comes down to your preference for a portable or a fixed system. That will largely depend on how and where you’ll mainly be using your PowerKube.

If you opt for the fixed location PowerKube Pro system you can still detach the PowerKube and use it as a portable PowerKube GO system if you purchase the ‘Add On’ package​.

Your choice is based on what you want the PowerKube for and what it can do for you.

To make it easier to decide which system you need we have set out how some of our existing clients use their PowerKube.

Click on the button below that best applies to you and your needs to learn more.

You’re involved in martial arts, boxing or MMA as an enthusiast or a professional

You’re a personal trainer or coach either mobile or in a fixed location gym or dojo

​You’re training and conditioning personnel in the military, police, security or similar