PowerKube revolutionises training and coaching in the combat sports and martial arts through the introduction of accurate, repeatable measurement across the 3 core characteristics of striking power, speed and stamina. 

Designed and engineered through seven years of scientific research and development, the PowerKube product range combines the PowerKube, multiple user coaching software and a touch screen user interface on a dedicated tablet whether you choose the fully portable PowerKube Go package, or our PowerKube Pro fixed gym installation.

Working in tandem, these elements of the PowerKube system provide a fully interactive professional coaching solution suitable for anybody involved in combat sports and martial arts.

​Using the precision data captured by the PowerKube, you are able to measure, analyse and enhance every element of your striking technique and performance.

A world beating combination of validated science, engineering integrity and proven results has seen the PowerKube installed in the UFC’s prestigious multi-million dollar Performance Institute in Las Vegas.

​"We are excited that PowerKube is an integral part of our diagnostic capabilities here at the UFC Performance institute.  Measuring and assessing striking characteristics is critical for determining performance standards in UFC fighters.  PowerKube has been developed through rigorous scientific development and innovation, and is now a leading technology in this field.  For that reason we use PowerKube to establish sport-specific performance standards in our athletes in the knowledge that the data is reliable and reproducible. It is hugely valuable for helping to shape our training programs and athlete-development strategies, and provides a user-friendly interface for both the athletes and our coaches."

Dr Duncan French
Vice President, Performance
UFC Performance institute

​"I want to sing the praises of the PowerKube, the PowerKube is an accurate measurement device which is consistent over time, its a great way for an athlete to improve their punching, kicking, knee and elbow power, which are some of the most important parts of mixed martial arts. I honestly believe that the PowerKube helps you measure and improve."

​Forrest Griffin
Vice President, Athlete Development
UFC Performance institute

Powered by a USB cable to the user interface the PowerKube can be used anywhere without the need for an external power source.

Throughout the development of the PowerKube we have worked with noted sports science laboratories to validate the science that makes PowerKube so powerful and have refined the design to take the repeated impact that a physical combat training tool is treated to on a daily basis.

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