Professional coaches and trainers know that the ability to accurately measure and monitor all aspects of their athletes performance is a critical component to achieving and maintaining peak physical performance, and importantly success.

The PowerKube coaching system maximises both the performance of your athletes and your capabilities as a professional coach or trainer. Through working with the data collected using the PowerKube you can provide targeted technical training and conditioning regimes as well as monitor your athletes for fatigue and the effects of over training.

Using the PowerKube coaching system you can introduce accurate and reliable performance measurement across the 3 key measurable attributes of striking power, speed and stamina. Not only does that benefit them, but it means they’ll keep coming back for more.

PowerKube also brings a fun and exciting interactive training experience to your gym or fitness training facility.

Having PowerKube’s elite performance technology as part of your offer gives you a stronger business. You’ll be able to bring in new clients who will stay with you for longer because they’re getting better and measurable results from your coaching and training.

And, delivering results for your clients and students is the same when you use PowerKube, whether you’re a mobile personal trainer visiting a select group of clients at their homes or if you’re running a chain of gyms or dojos.

Your current level of experience doesn’t matter. You can be a brand new personal fitness coach or a master practitioner of your martial art with a lifetime of experience – in either case, adding PowerKube to the training you provide will add to what you offer your clients.

Serve More Clients with PowerKube

You’re looking to have a PowerKube because it will allow you to deliver better results for your clients or students.

But you also know that having PowerKube will make it easier to bring in more new clients by offering professional coaching, based on the latest sports science technology (as used by the UFC Performance Institute). Of course, adding the PowerKube system enables you to develop additional products and programs adding more revenue and further incremental improvements for your clients.

Another factor is the kerb appeal of the PowerKube. Simply having one of our systems in your boxing or martial arts gym or even in your outdoor fitness sessions is a great way to attract and engage with the public. You can attract them to your business whilst also differentiating what you offer from your competition.

Clients Stay Longer with PowerKube

And, once clients have joined, your PowerKube system can be instrumental in keeping them coming back.

Regular monitoring and measurement with PowerKube gives you a unique way to prove to your students that they are making gains from their work with you.

Increase Your Revenue with PowerKube

Offering PowerKube in your gym or fitness business will expand the range of services you can offer so that your revenue will increase.

PowerKube is great for personal training, whether one on one or in group sessions, expert led seminars, fight camps, in-house tournaments, grading events as well as any number of premium upsell programs.

​Drive Your Clients and Your Business Forward with PowerKube

​You’re looking to use PowerKube for your fitness business to help your clients in new and improved training practices, but you’re also looking for PowerKube to be an investment that will help your business grow.

​Train clients to have more speed, power and stamina
Monitor and improve the performance of your students
        Recruit more clients by offering the latest training technology
Retain clients for longer by showing them their development
Increase your revenue by offering premium programs

​Train clients to have more speed, power and stamina

Monitor and improve the performance of your students

Recruit more clients by offering the latest training technology

Retain clients for longer by showing them their development

Increase your revenue by offering premium programs

​With PowerKube you’ll be able to measure and improve all the key attributes across all styles of combat for all your clients and provide your athletes with the latest technology:

  • Accelerate your client’s performance in striking power, speed and stamina
  • Keep members and students happy by regularly tracking their progress
  • Benchmark the performance of clients and students against others
  • Show your clients their development over time with accurate data
  • Enhance the learning and technical ability of your athletes
  • Improve the competition outcomes and results of your fighters
  • Uncover and identify those with natural talent amongst your students
  •  Monitor the health and spot the early signs of injury, fatigue and over-training in your students
  • Stand out from the competition with a unique fitness training offer
  • Recruit more clients and students with technology based training
  • Drive the growth and revenue of your fitness business with new programs
  • Keep your clients engaged for longer by helping them measure their gains
  • Increase membership fees and add additional programs to your business
  • Stand out in your market and at recruitment events with interactive PowerKube demonstrations

As a fitness trainer or gym operator a PowerKube system is a high value asset to your clients and students but also to your business.

Both PowerKube systems may suit your needs, and your choice depends on how and where your fitness business operates.

If you provide fitness or combat sports training to your clients in different locations (such as their homes, office or in public spaces), then you’ll want to choose the fully portable PowerKube Go.

But if your business is in a fixed location or multiple fixed locations as a gym or dojo, the PowerKube Pro will be right for you, allowing your business to offer your clients maximum training options at your fitness training facility.

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