The design and development of the PowerKube system is not just focused on the PowerKube itself and the technology within.

A critical component is the custom software that runs on the dedicated tablet that is supplied with your PowerKube.

It is the PowerKube software that enables you to measure, analyse and enhance performance in power, speed and stamina.

The PowerKube software is specifically designed for our touch screen user interface to be intuitive and easy to use whilst also being completely customisable to your individual style, group or organisation.

What Does PowerKube Software Measure?

​The key components that the PowerKube software measures are:


​Create in depth unique fighter profiles displaying performance across all techniques to date in a single screen.


​Stamina testing is displayed using visual on screen bar graphs.


​Measured to peak point of impact from an audible and visual on screen trigger.

​As well as receiving data on these key measurables, the PowerKube software has an inbuilt health monitoring system which alerts the administrator when a user suddenly drops in performance. This can highlight the early onset of injury, the effects of over training or fatigue. An administrator will also be alerted to an exceptional hitter within a weight category highlighting natural talent and ability within a weight class.

Operating the PowerKube Software

The PowerKube system comes with a full software user guide.

Illustrated below are some of the key attributes and screen settings that you’ll find in your PowerKube system.


​Log in to your unique user profile or simply select quick start to begin testing.


​Create personalised user profiles with unique username and password for each of your clients / students.


​Select your chosen technique, area, left or right side, number or repetitions and time delay to begin logging data.


​Customise your software by adding in any technique from any style making it specific to your gym, school or organisation.

Operating the PowerKube Software

The PowerKube sotware leads you through choices so that you can set it up to measure the data that matters to you, dependent on what you’re working to measure, analyse and improve.

Similarly the data recorded can be displayed in a variety of ways.


The live strike screen displays the current, maximum and average measurements of Speed Power measured in (ft / lbs weight per second), Compressive Energy measured in, (calories X10) Human Force measured in (franklins) (f) Reaction time in seconds to an audible and visual on screen trigger.


​The technique summary screen displays a summary of the best and average for each of the measurements from the chosen number of repetitions.


​The strike performance screen shows analysis of your performance on individual strikes from a series of repetitions.


​On your personalized Fighter Profile you can analyse, compare and share your performance, displaying best and average against all techniques recorded to date on a single screen, this screen also displays your weight category or martial arts grade and style.


​Stamina profiles are displayed using an on screen bar graph enabling you to monitor your performance without the need for complex analysis.

​All recorded history is stored in the database and can be viewed and analysed within the software, or simply exported to a CSV file for further analysis.

​The PowerKube software is extremely versatile presenting data in the way that you prefer for interpretation.

The software is the same and offers exactly the same functionality for both the PowerKube Go and the PowerKube Pro.

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