​PowerKube Pro is specifically designed for heavy use in a busy commercial environment.

The PowerKube Pro is the choice for fixed location gyms, dojos or professional training institutions ​including martial arts, boxing and military/police services.

The PowerKube Pro comes complete with a two metre fully adjustable floor and wall mounted station machined to the highest tolerances to offer maximum stability and durability over extended use.

Adjustable on both height and angle the PowerKube Pro can facilitate all punching, kicking, elbow and knee strikes.

With its touch screen interface the PowerKube Pro can be used independently without the need for assistance or oversight.

The PowerKube Pro is the perfect addition to :

Commercial gyms - Professional combat gyms - Martial Arts studios - Fitness training facilities
Universities and sports science research institutes 

PowerKube Pro package Includes:
PowerKube training software
PowerStation - Floor and wall mounted adjustable column (height 200cm)
10” Touch screen User Interface with lockable protective mount